SAN FRANCISCO – A black female San Francisco State University student and employee was caught on video accosting a white male student over his culturally insensitive dreadlocks, before attacking the camera man.

The video titled “SFSU 2016 – Campus employee assaults white student for ‘cultural appropriation’” was posted to YouTube on Monday and begins with an inaudible remark from a black female student, prompting a response from a white male student donning dreadlocks and hippie garb.

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“You’re saying I can’t have a hair style because of your culture?” the white student said. “Why?”

“Because it’s my culture,” the black student replied.

The white student wasn’t buying it.

“Do you know that it was in Egyptian culture? Are you Egyptian? Naw, bra, you’re not,” he said.

A student who appears to be a friend of the black student piped in: “Are you Egyptian?”

“Are you Egyptian?” the black female echoed.

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“No, but it doesn’t matter,” the white student shot back before attempting to walk away.

His black classmate wouldn’t relent.

“Wait, where’s Egypt? Tell me?” she said.

“You know what girl, you have no right to tell me what I cannot wear,” the white student said, repeatedly trying to sidestep his accoster as she physically restrained him from leaving up a stairwell.

“Where’s Egypt?” she insisted. “Where’s Egypt?”

She grabbed his arm in a brief scuffle to get away.

“Yo, girl, stop touching me right now,” the white student insisted.

“Yo, girl, stop touching me right now,” the black girl mocked.

She grabbed his sleeve as he went up the stairs.

“Get off of me!” he demanded.

“Come back, come back, come back,” the black girl continued, pulling him back down the stairs.

“You put your hands on me,” the black girl said. “Do not put your hands on me.”

The white student ripped his hand away from the girl’s grasp.

“You’re going to start some shit because of what hair I have?” he said. “That’s no reason, yo. I don’t need your disrespect.”

“I don’t need your disrespect,” he said as he left up the stairs past a student filming the exchange.

“Why are you filming this,” the black girl asked.

“For everyone’s safety,” the cameraman replied as the black girl grabbed at the camera and the video cut out.

The episode, of course, exploded on Twitter.

“The @SFSU woman, Bonita Tindle, who harassed student is officially connected to the school,” Jack tweeted Tuesday.

[email protected] @kron4news Bonita Tindle has already been reported to the #SFPD,” John Wilmot posted. “You need to #firebonita before she becomes the next Melissa Click.”

“@SFSU IDK if you are aware, but an employee of yours, Bonita Tindle, recently was caught on camera assaulting a student based on his race,” Jimmy Russells wrote.

Twitter user Jo Trout contends “Bonita Tindle started working at Associated Students Inc., Programs & Services – SFSU,” Jo Trout posted, “This is the person in that video bullying.”

Tindle’s LinkedIn profile confirms her employment at SFSU, as an assistant media instructor, intern with Associated Students Inc. SFSU, and as an intern in the university’s women’s center where she “organizes workshops to empower and educate women and others on women’s issues.”

The incident also prompted some very heated comments on YouTube.

“That’s some fine racially charged bullying right there,” Connor Spencer posted.

“The racist, moronic, hypocritical bitch,” Nikolai508 added.

“I can’t believe she had the audacity to tell HIM to keep his hands off her!” Niall Newman wrote.

“What a hypocritical bitch. Good on the guy here for being cool and defending his style,” Zoaz posted. “People need to stop telling guys how to have their hair. Note the entitlement here: she thinks it’s ok to keep grabbing him while at the same time telling him not to touch her when he tries to get her hands off him.”