PRINCETON, N.J. – Several Princeton High School students are learning three lessons at once after they managed a high school faux pas trifecta by posting a picture of their “Jews vs. Nazis” beer pong game to social media.

“The photo depicts a version of ‘beer pong’ called Holocaust Pong or Alcoholocaust, according to several websites that describe the game. Beer cups are arranged in a Star of David and swastika formation on each end of a table,” reports.

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“The ‘Jews’ are allowed to ‘Anne Frank,’ or hide, one of their cups. The Nazis are allowed to ‘Auschwitz’ their opponents, requiring one to sit out a round, websites say.”

The picture, which was initially posted to Snapchat, shows students pouring Coors Light into the cups, with red Solo cups for Jews and white for Nazis. Princeton High School junior Jamaica Ponder wrote a blog about the picture Wednesday and it quickly spread on Facebook, where parents came across the picture and complained to the Planet Princeton and alerted school officials.

Ponder did not identify the students in her blog, but said she knows who they are – mostly student leaders and sports team captains.

“I thought it was something people should see,” she told Planet Princeton. “People should know this is going on in Princeton. I’m appalled that something like this would happen in our town. We have a large and prominent Jewish community. We pride ourselves on being open-minded, yet people are playing this game in the basement of a Princeton house.”

The news site confirms that parents and students have identified those in the picture as “athletes and Teen PEP peer leaders at the school.”

“Students say the under-age drinking games are a common occurrence on weekends, sometimes without the knowledge of parents, but often with their consent and knowledge,” the Planet reports.

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Ponder, who is black, contends some of the students who were pictured playing the game are Jewish, and later told her they felt uncomfortable but didn’t want to speak up. The Planet reports that at least one commenter to the news site posted a racial slur against Ponder from a school district IP address because of the attention.

Princeton schools Superintendent Steve Cochrane issued a statement about the picture this week

“As an individual and as the superintendent of Princeton Public Schools, I am deeply upset that some of our students chose to engage in a drinking game with clearly anti-Semitic overtones and to broadcast their behavior over social media,” he wrote, according to

“Underage drinking is not a new problem; nor is the misuse of social media; nor are actions of bias or bigotry,” Cochrane said. “They are not new problems, but they do not have to be ongoing ones.”

Ponder told the news site that after blowing the whistle on the picture Wednesday, school was kind of uncomfortable on Thursday.

“A couple of people came up to me using profanities, but a lot of people were very kind and I’d say appreciative of what I did,” she said. “Someone needed to show what exactly is going on when no one’s paying attention.”