BOCA RATON, Fla. – Boca Raton High School senior Maxine Yeakle thinks Hillary Clinton deserves a prison sentence for her crimes against America, but school officials contend school policy trumps her free speech rights.

Yeakle donned a “Hillary for Prison 2016” shirt to school on Tuesday, which prompted some girls in her chorus class to loudly proclaim that supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are racists, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

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The incident was enough to aggravate her teacher, and school officials moved quickly to call Yeakle’s clothing into question.

In her next class she was summoned to the assistant principal’s office and ordered to either change her shirt into one designed to shame students who violate the dress code, or sit it out with an in-school suspension.

Yeakle explained the situation in a video posted to Facebook on Tuesday that’s since received more than 17,000 views and a lot of support.

“In my class today some people had a problem with it,” Yeakle said of the shirt. “They didn’t say anything to me, they had a private conversation about it and my teacher told them to stop talking and they didn’t listen.

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“So my teacher told administration at my school that I’m wearing this shirt and I got called down to the office. And there is no rule that you are not allowed to wear shirts like this, the assistant principal said that. ‘There is nothing wrong with what you’ve done, you’ve done wrong, you are not being dress-coded, but you have to change or you’re going to (in-school suspension.)’

“My problem with this is I didn’t cause a problem,” she continued, “and I’m getting in trouble now and I’m going to ISS.”

Yeakle’s father later decided the punishment is bogus and opted instead to remove his daughter from school for the remainder of the day. He told the Sun-Sentinel he supports his daughter, but declined further comment.

“If you get a bad reaction, the it’s against the rules,” Yeakle told WPTV. “It’s totally ridiculous. I just think it opens up a can of worms and who is to say I’m not offended by a Hillary shirt? And why don’t they have to change?”

The teen believes the school’s reaction to the situation accomplishes exactly the opposite of tolerant and inclusive environment it’s tasked with maintaining for all students.

“I think it teaches intolerance because those girls were intolerant of my views and my beliefs and that’s teaching them that’s okay because I got in trouble for that,” she said.

School administrators referred the media to district spokeswoman Kathy Burstein, who refused to discuss the incident.

Instead, she issued a generic statement about the district’s dress code policy, and a provision that prohibits clothing that “substantially or potentially disrupts the educational environment,” the Sun-Sentinel reports.