WINNETKA, Ill. – A very enlightening exposé by the Illinois Family Institute is highlighting a radical leftist curriculum promoted at one of the state’s most affluent school districts, most recently in the form of a mandatory “All-School Seminar Day 2017.”

The Feb. 28 event required of all students at New Trier High School is described by well-respected Chicago attorney Joseph Morris as “a rather bold and raw effort at hard-let propaganda with decidedly anti-American, anti-free-market, anti-family, anti-parent, and bigoted biases on display.”

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And it includes a whole host of radical leftist ideology through a series of workshops and speakers aimed at teaching students about the “genocide” of blacks by whites, the violation of transgender “rights” in America, how whites are suppressing black voters, white privilege theory, white supremacy, and revisionist perspectives on the country’s history.

Seminars include “Whose Civil Rights?; Transpeople of Color Navigating the U.S.,” “21st Century Voter Supression” (sic), “Blackenomics 101 (The Movement, The Music, the solution),” “R.E.A.L.: Race, Equity, and Leadership,” “A People’s History of Chicago” and “Western Bias in Science,” among others.

In the Blackenomics 101, for example, “Rapper, entrepreneur, and activist, John the Author explores systemic racism in relation to building a black business and artist presence in minority communities,” according to the event’s agenda.

According to the Institute, lyrics from one of John the Author’s more popular raps include:

I seek to restore
That’s why I opened the store
That’s why I seek to rebuild
‘Cause I know they seek to destroy
So when they look to the hills,
That’s when I look to the Lord
And when he tell me to kill
That’s when I reach for my sword
Die motherf*cker die
I’m surprised that you’re still alive
I heard you sold your soul a long time ago, but not I nigga, not I
I’m a freedom fighter
Need a lighter—no need cause I’m streakin’ fire, you can buy it from me
All the lyin’ eye of tiger (?) I ain’t lyin’, come to my side you can try it for free
Savor the taste, cause too much can endanger your taste buds
Hope you niggas know what is and what ain’t love
Cause if you don’t, then you can f*ck around and make love
I’m from a city where we had a black mayor but they took his ass
The public school system wasn’t built to last
No equal opportunity or (?) to land on
The only way we stand a motherf****** chance is if we break (?)

Other elements of the “All-School Seminar Day 2017” include the musings of Glenn Singleton, the head of the Pacific Educational Group that sells teacher training sessions to public schools on how “white privilege” is holding back minority students. The premise of Singleton’s work centers on the theory that America is hopelessly stacked against minorities, and the only way white educators can reach black students is by accepting guilt for their skin color and repent.

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Also planned for Feb. 28 is discussions centered on the work of Howard Zinn and his leftist revisionist “history” book “The People’s History of the United States.” The Illinois Family Institute points to eminent economist Thomas Sowell’s depiction of the text, which is used by many public schools.

“It is one indictment, complaint, and distortion after another. Anyone who relies on this twisted version of American history would have no idea why millions of people from around the world are trying, sometimes desperately, to move to this country. The one virtue of Zinn’s book is that it helps you identify unmistakably which teachers are using their classrooms as propaganda centers,” Sowell wrote.

The Illinois Family Institute also highlighted radical leftist speakers slated to address students next month, and offered advice on how those concerned with the subject matter can voice their concerns.

Breitbart, meanwhile, is putting the All-School Seminar into proper context, and explaining how the teachings fit perfectly with the Obama administration’s relentless focus on “New Civics,” which replaces fundamental concepts about the foundation of America’s republic with teachings on how to organize protests, occupy buildings and throw collective tantrums to produce change.

According to the news site:

(The agenda at New Trier)  is not something isolated to one Chicago school; it is part and parcel to a huge program Barack Obama has forced onto schools all across the country.

As F.H. Buckley, a professor at Scalia Law School, recently revealed in an op-ed at The New York Post, these sort of extreme, left-wing programs based on a virulently anti-American agenda is part of Obama’s “New Civics” program imposed on schools that receive federal funding.

“Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics” shows how the Obama DOE has indoctrinated college students through progressive “New Civics” programs that seek to repurpose higher education away from the study of Western institutions, and even away from scholarship in general, in order to make little left-wing community organizers of our students.

The goal of the New Civics movement, concludes the NAS, is to teach students “that a good citizen is a radical activist,” putting “political activism at the center of everything that students do in college, including academic study, extra-curricular pursuits, and off-campus ventures.” Instead of a civics education that studies the foundations of American government, New Civics teaches students “how to organize protests, occupy buildings, and stage demonstrations.”

Programs like those described above being forced on kids at New Trier are also being programmed into schools all across the nation from the earliest grade school classes to the halls of higher education.