KENNEWICK, Wash. – A Washington mother vented her frustrations on Facebook about how her Trump-supporting son was recently treated by his teacher at school, and the post ignited an uproar.

On Jan. 20, President Trump’s inauguration day, Chinook Middle School student Jack Fischer learned a lesson he won’t soon forget, according to a Facebook post by his mother, Michelle Fischer.

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“First thing Jack said when he got home today, ‘my teacher compared my shirt to wearing a swastika’ in class today,” Michelle Fischer wrote. “Really? I may have to have a talk with the principal!”

The post included a picture of the blue shirt with stars and striped the seventh-grader donned Inauguration Day that read “Build the Wall, Trump 2016.”

Dozens of folks sounded off against the teacher in comments to Fischer’s post. The post vent viral when it eventually caught the attention of Fox News host Sean Hannity, who shared the incident with his 2.8 million followers, the Tri-City Herald reports.

Fischer told the news site her son had worn pro-Trump shirts to school before, despite his language arts teacher’s obvious disdain for the president throughout the election. The “Build the Wall” shirt, however, triggered the teacher to take action, she said.

The teacher asked Jack to stay in class during lunch to discuss the shirt, and allegedly told the student it’s inappropriate to wear any shirt with a political message.

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“She asked, ‘How would you feel if someone wore a T-shirt with a swastika on it?’” Michelle Fischer said. “He said, ‘You can’t compare my shirt to wearing a swastika. They aren’t the same thing.’”

Jack also pointed out for his teachers that educators in the school have worn shirts supporting Barrack Obama.

Michelle Fischer, who has also posted links to other teachers who have been caught denigrating the new president, told the Tri-City Herald she later spoke with Chinook principal Kevin Pierce about the teacher’s comments to her son in hopes of preventing similar politically biased treatment.

“My goal is not to get this teacher into trouble,” she said. “I made it clear to him. She’s a nice person. I just haven’t agreed with the way she’s taught the class.”

A deeper conversation with her son about politics in school revealed the t-shirt incident wasn’t the first time Jack’s teacher seemed biased toward Trump, and she simply wants her son to gain a broad understanding from all political perspectives.

Political bullying by teachers “does happen,” Fischer said.

“I think (politics) should be taught in our schools, but only in a two-sided positive way,” she said.

“I think most parents would agree with me,” Fischer said. “If this was the other way around, I guarantee there would be some parents that were pretty upset.”

Fischer said Pierce assured her Jack can wear the “Build the Wall” shirt without issue. A district statement released Friday contends Pierce investigated the incident and took “appropriate action” against the teacher. The statement also reiterated that students are free to express themselves as long as it doesn’t disrupt the learning environment.

“I met with the school principal this morning. He had actually reached out to me before I got the chance to call him. I was very impressed with his concern, attention and understanding of the situation going on between Jack, his teacher and classmates,” Fischer posted to Facebook.

“I believe and feel confident that a serious discussion about political bulling, negative comments and one-sided opinions will no longer be tolerated by some of our teachers – and more respect be shown to students about this past election and our new president.”